On Not Hurting Someone’s Feelings (instead I started a blog)

You know when someone mistakenly says something rather innocuous about you, and you try to gently correct that person, but it just doesn’t stick?  Then the person in question says it again, and AGAIN you try to apply gentle correction and AGAIN it doesn’t stick.  Then it goes for two years and that point you’ve acquiesced from once again saying, “No, I’m not a blogger!  I don’t have a blog!  Readncook is my email address!”  Well, that’s my story to how I ended up here.  On a blog.

It’s fairly obvious from my email-address-now-blog-name that I like to read (yes, I love cooking, too, but that’s another story).  So it was at my art book club that Pat, the host, mistook my email address for my “blog”.  As stated, I tried to correct her, but once she gets an idea into her head, it generally stays there.  This has been going on for two years, and at many book club meetings she will introduce me to new members as “oh, she has a blog… what’s it called again?  Readn….” Me, inwardly groaning: “Cook.”  Pat: “Isn’t that a clever name?”  I smile wanly at my new acquaintance, hoping they never decide to look up my “blog”.  Things came to a head at our last meeting when Pat’s niece, a young college student, joined us.  By now, you should know the routine of what happened at our introduction, and I smiled wanly and choked out, “Yes, but I haven’t been very good at maintaining it.” I had crossed the threshold from limply nodding my head to actually speaking about it as if it existed!  I was no longer the benign enabler, but now an accessory to the crime.

So here I am: Assuaging my guilty conscience and finally allowing myself to speak confidently and smile brightly about my blog at all future book clubs.  I hope you enjoy it.

This will be a forum for me to write about books, cooking, and the general mishaps I manage to find myself in.  I also look forward to reading about your books, recipes, mishaps du jour.


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