One Month Of Blogging: Before And After

Well, here it is: my one month anniversary of being a blogger.  This is my 31st post (?!).  The irony here is that I don’t like to use computers or like typing, yet here I am at my computer typing.  Voluntarily. This is not the only thing about my life that has changed; there are many before and after “shots” of my life.

Before: In the evenings you would find me on the couch reading (or as my husband would call it: napping) or screaming out the questions to Jeopardy! “What is Belize!  Come on you guys, Belize!  Isn’t that moron supposed to be a Geography teacher?! BELIZE! BUH-LEEZE!”

After: I am no where to be seen in the living room; I have not tested my random knowledge of Central America, Heading To Cla “ss”, or World Explorers; I only read three books in March.  I am holed up in the office.  Typing.

Before: I had real human friends and a husband (though I believe he’s around here somewhere, I hope).

After: The stats page is my new BFF.  It tells me everything I need to know, such as the fact that people in the Philippines and the Netherlands have broken away from their busy blog schedules to read mine.

Before: Tinged with anxiety and depression.  Endless loops of negativity played through my brain as I had mental arguments with people/students/computers.  Worry constantly beset me.

After: Now I think about how I would portray the issue in writing.  As I crafted my future boo-hoo blog in my mind, I realized that I didn’t want to spend time writing about it and hence, didn’t want to think about it anymore.  A-Ha! Problems presto gone-o. Now I think of things that are blog-worthy– events that happened in the day that resonated with me.

Before: I didn’t know anyone who lived in Missouri or Arizona.

After: I have two steady followers who have consistently provided feedback and support from the beginning. One is a music teacher from Missouri who always has a thoughtful and unique perspective on life.  You can cheek out his writing at weird conflicts. The other is a stand up comedian from Arizona who reflects upon his craft and has made me realize that as a teacher, I am a stone’s throw away from a comedy club.  You can check out his writing at underdogcomedy.

Before: I had a mother who had never read Pride and Prejudice.

After:  My mom, being the good mother she is, reads my blog everyday.  She elevated herself to the “best mother in the entire world” status (oh, wait, she already held that position, make that the best-best mother) when she decided to read P&P along with my senior class.  She also emailed me a sketch of Mr. Darcy done in the 19th century.  Excited by her decision, I told one of my senior boys, who responded, “Your  mom is really cool!” (he wasn’t being facetious either).

This first month of blogging wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without those who helped make it all happen.  There are many people to thank:

1. My husband.  First of all, he brought home a new computer that doesn’t take forty minutes to load email or two days to open a Word file.  (I’m not kidding.)  We’ve never had internet connection this fast and we’re still in shock.  Though my constant blogging has confounded him, he has been supportive.

2. My parents.  When I started this blog, I thought it was kind of silly; I could just blog about whatever.  Then during a visit to my parents during spring break, my mom complimented my writing (she doesn’t just dole out compliments, so this really meant something to me), and my dad expressed his concern that I may get too busy with stuff at school and it would “get in the way of blogging.”  Could a kid ask for more support?  I think not.

3.  My readers.  When I started this, I didn’t know if I’d have any readers (besides Mom and Dad).  My readers have been wonderful and supportive.  Many of them I work with or have worked with, and their responses motivate me to keep writing.  The blogging community has been very welcoming, and it’s been fun “meeting” other bloggers and reading their perspectives.

4.  My students. They are my muses and the source of much material.  Though some of them help keep Advil in business, I feel very fortunate to spend my days with them.

5. Molly.  She has spent many an hour in my lap, pinning me to the computer chair, purring and nipping my chin.  I am unable to move, so therefore, must keep writing.

Molly likes to hold things down.

So readers, as I enter my second month of blogging, what feedback do you have?  What would you like to see on this blog?  Are there any topics you’d like to see?  What can I do to improve?


14 thoughts on “One Month Of Blogging: Before And After

  1. I love it! I wouldn’t change anything here. The part about hubby bringing home a computer & not knowing how to act with internet (that doesn’t take two days to load:-) made me laugh. I can so relate to that. Best wishes on the blog and happy blogging.

    1. Thank you! It’s amazing how much a computer can affect the quality of your life. Before we got it, I felt really lame telling my students that I had computer problems (their #1 excuse). Thanks for the follow, too!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out! With a somewhat disheartening, single blog entry in 2010, and another lone entry in 2011, things were exactly burning up in my writing excursions. Your dedication to writing pushes me to keep doing it, as well, and makes me want to write better. AND, you may be inspiring the next generation of bloggers – my daughter. After your entries on Pride and Prejudice, she asked me to set up an account for her. (She hasn’t started yet, as she’s been out of town.) So from us both, thank you for the inspiration, as well as the cat pics… lol. Mine parks right in front of the computer screen when I’m writing. Congrats on your month!

    1. Your welcome and thank you. That is so cool that your daughter wants to write, too! Let me know when she gets it set up. I have another weird conflict for you: if it’s i before e except after c and if the word has as an “ay” sound, such as weigh– how does wEIrd fit into the mix? Are we mispronouncing it? Do I need to say it with a southern accent, “That’s a wayrd py-aner you’ve got there”?

  3. nothing. no need to improve. i like reading what you write. just keep at it and write what moves you… i like it when you talk about your students too… and i love terms like, ‘presto-gone-o”. 😉 – mother

    1. Thanks, “mom”! Your support means a lot! I could send you some students so you can practice for when your “gayby” becomes a teenager… If you decline the offer, I understand.

  4. Colin Firth was the most devastatingly handsome mr. Darcy. I love the BBC version, it’s my favorite! love this post and can totally relate–i am guilty right now, because everyone is downstairs watching the baseball game

    1. It’s really a toss up between Firth and Macfadyen for me. Macfadyen isn’t that cute in the beginning of the movie, but he just makes me fall in love with him (all 1,000 or so times I’ve seen the film). He had the same effect on my female students. Thanks for the follow!

  5. one month goes by quickly – the winds of change swirl around inside the internet – after a year, you’ll wonder why you haven’t written your thoughts here 10 years ago!

    nice to meet you…

    David in Maine USA

  6. You’re doing really well to have found so many followers in only two months.

    I feel so much better knowing I am not the only geek shouting our the answers in frustration at Jeopardy. I qualified for it in NYC tryouts in 2006 but was never called to compete on-air. At least I have the cap to prove it…:-)

    1. You tried out for Jeopardy! That is so cool; I’m afraid I would just have one big brain freeze or forget my presidents. Don’t be too impressed by the amount of my followers. I connected WP with FB and WP included my “Friends” as followers (I didn’t know it was going to that). The accurate number of WP followers is 47.

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