Me? A Beautiful Blogger?! Why, Thank You!

Over the past few days my husband and I have had a rather emotional experience taking care of his mother who recently had a total hip replacement as the result of a fall.  It’s been difficult to watch her be in pain (she has a very high threshold for pain, so when she shows it, we know she really hurts), and it’s been difficult watching my husband go on an emotional roller-coaster as he grappled with living far away, made arrangements for her care, and struggled with the fact that his job is demanding and he could not stay to be with her.  She is doing well, but there were occasions when we just felt helpless.  For those who are the care-givers of family members, I salute you.

So, it was a really nice surprise this morning to discover that I had been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger award. (Maybe the person who originated this award wanted a means to rank bloggers’ Gravatar images… then it got misconstrued and was applied to content.  Who knows?  Any-hoo, I’m happy to have it.)

Rules for the award are:

1.Thank the person who gave you the award
2.Paste the award on your blog
3.Link the person who nominated you for the award
4.Nominate your choice of bloggers
5.Post links to the blogs you nominated

Thank you My Word Your Ear for contributing your reflections on everything from life, poetry, medical school and Harry Potter.  Your writing is thoughtful and funny.  Thank you for giving recognition to my little blog a half a world away.

Here are my nominees and they represent a wide view of life.  They are in no particular order:

1. Bohemianspiritedmom

2. Cricketmuse

3. Weird Conflicts

4. thatwritinglady

5. Sweet Mother

Happy reading and writing fellow bloggers!

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