Monday Madrigal: Try It, You’ll Like It

Home at last and where will you find me?

No, not in the kitchen cooking dinner,

nor reclined in a chair watching TV,

nor taking a nap (always a winner),

but you’ll find me working my noggin’,

typing away, thinking and bloggin’.

Today’s Monday poem form, the madrigal, is brought to you by The Teachers and Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms.  Madrigals originated in the 14th century (a.k.a. a long time ago), and it originally had two or three tercets (three-line verses) followed by a rhyming couplet (two-line verses).  However, everything loosens up with age and the form is much freer except that it still keeps the ending rhyming couplet.  Madgrigals are also meant to be sung, so the use of big, complicated words is frowned upon.

So I know my readers are a creative bunch.  What would your Monday (or depending on your time zone, Tuesday) madrigal be?  Please share your creation!


2 thoughts on “Monday Madrigal: Try It, You’ll Like It

  1. Haha, Mondays usually mean work – and also a refresh into the next week. What am I going to accomplish? Who am I going to meet? Oh, the possibilities are endless with a Monday. Usually people are pretty negative about Mondays, me, on the other hand, I like to try and think of it as something positive.

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