Somedays I’d Rather Be At Pemberley

Somedays, like today, it’s hard to be a teacher.  I’m tired and have had a persistent headache that will not go away, and as the matter of fact during one of my student’s presentations on the guillotine, I thought to myself, “I really need to get myself one of those.”  Then there’s the students: the ones who do nothing but make lame excuses; the one who decided to “punish” me for busting her last week for illegal substances only to get busted again for disrespect; another who is an absolute delight and brightens my day, but has parents who don’t deserve her; and another who just lost one of hers.  All in one day.  It’s gets to be a little much sometimes, and I need to look at the bright side.

Today I’m thankful for not crying; normally when my head hurts this bad something starts the waterworks.  I am also proud of my students who did their presentations today; they worked really hard and did a good job.  I had one student who, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting that much from his presentation. He ended up giving a pretty detailed report on George Washington and I was really impressed.  He ended up using all of his presenting time, and because of the time limit, didn’t finish.  Disappointed, he sat down and moped.  I called him back to the front of the class for his question and answer period and then asked him questions about the rest of his presentation.  Once he realized what I was doing, he broke into a big grin and said, “This is why I love Ms. L!”  I’m surprised I didn’t cry at that.

Then I went through their drawings of Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice. They had to pay close attention to the detail in the novel and then draw Mr. Darcy’s estate (to help build visualizing skills).  Some drew their pictures while running to class, but others spent some time on them. Here is some of their work:

This is my favorite, because he really paid attention to the details of the river, the acreage, and overall setting of the estate. Notice that the "carriage" looks like a covered wagon.
The color on this one is amazing. Though Pemberley is a bit flat.