That Was Embarrassing…

My last post was about my stats page addiction and what I could do to get over it. I didn’t expect the higher powers at WordPress to intervene and shut down my blog. It’s a rather unpleasant experience having one’s blog shut down.  On my dashboard there was red box stating that my blog had been deactivated because I violated the TOS and advertising policy, and if I was going to continue in such activities, I could take my  posts and leave.  The likes of me weren’t welcome.  It was followed by a line stating that they do occasionally make a mistake.

I racked my brain for what I could have done.  I’m not selling anything, making any money, or providing get-rich-quick schemes, and if people want to buy Pride and Prejudice based on my posts, I only benefit by knowing that other people will find enjoyment in the book.   (I am an English teacher, so please do not have any notion that that profession is a way to get rich quick.  Or at all.)  The only thing I could think of was linking a post to Amazon three weeks ago, so my readers could read a review.  In the meantime, my blog was branded with the Scarlet Letter, and anyone who looked at it would see that I had violated something.  It prompted my mother to email me to ask what happened.

I contacted WP twice, hoping for a speedy recovery. I didn’t want to move my blog or start from scratch; I’ve spent a lot of time developing this one. Fortunately, the powers that be felt my repentance, reviewed my blog, and reactivated it. It was shut down because it was flagged in an anti-spam check. While everything was dealt with promptly, I, and I’m sure all of you, would appreciate it if they reviewed the blogs flagged prior to deactivating them. It may have been routine on their end, but it caused a mini-heart attack on this end.

Anyway, I’m back and am glad to be amongst all of my wonderful bloggers again.



5 thoughts on “That Was Embarrassing…

  1. wheeeew!glad you are back–i was happy to see you liked my post cuz i was strangely worried when your site when off line. I tried to send you a message in my comments. I am not doing these cyber connections correctly! But I wanted to say on your stat post–since you seem as addictive as me (yes, I was a WWF and FB addict unitl I became a blogging one) STay away from Pintrest–uuuggg

    1. Thanks for trying to send me a message, but it wouldn’t have gotten through to me. I was cut off– I didn’t even have access to the posts I had written. As for Pinterest, I don’t get how to use it. It makes no sense to me, and for the sake of my time and sanity, it will remain that way. : )

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