One of the things that confounds me is how a cat like Toby ended up in the SPCA.  He’s a sweet, loving cat who charms and cuddles with everyone. He loves to love on people.

Toby and I. For as much as he loves to love, he doesn’t care for being held for longer than five seconds, so this was a good day.

Fortunately for us, our friend Jeannette sent us a picture of him from the SPCA, and a few days later we brought him home. That was 8 years ago.  Toby gave us quite a scare earlier this year when he became very sick and didn’t respond to food, pets, treats, or toys.  It was a nerve-wracking weekend when Steve and I thought we would have to  have to say goodbye.  Toby, however, had different ideas, and recovered.  He is now more kittenish than ever– playing with Molly and leaping for his toys. Pretty good for an old man.

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