What To Do, What To Do…


Alright fellow bloggers and readers, I need your input and advice. I have been feeling very melancholy and reflective of late as the graduation of the class of 2012 nears.  Of all the graduating classes I’ve taught, I have connected to this class the most, and I am sad to think of going to work next year and not having all of their friendly faces around me.  Then there is also the intimidation of two months of blogging a post a day without my source material.  Like my students, I need some summer “work”.  Left to my own devices I may just write about my daily routine all summer long (yoga, oatmeal, walking, reading, nap), and this might get really old for all of you really quick– especially if you’re working and not doing yoga or napping.  I don’t want you shun my blog thinking, “My gosh, it’s yet another pigeon pose post!”  While I have some ideas floating around my noggin, I’d like to get some from you for my brain to play with.  So fess up and give me some suggestions of things to write about, things that inspire writing, or ask a question.  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “What To Do, What To Do…

  1. More great book reviews, Historical figures and your blog is read n cook– I bet you have some great recepies! Also my son will be a senior next year– any tips? Boy– I am giving you tons of homework –haha

    1. Awesome! This homework is just karma from how much I assigned my kids! I’ll get right on it. For your son, tighten the screws when it comes to school. I had many great kids fall off the wagon from senioritis in the spring. They’re all passing now, but it took phone calls home, glares, heavy hints, being really pushy on my part to get them to do their work. The best thing to do is actively touch base with his teachers to make sure he’s staying on top of everything. You probably know all this already. BTW, many also got clobbered b/c they got their first job and had to manage their work with school– very challenging. Good Luck!

  2. You’re an English teacher? Why not give us a few post of what NOT to write, as in grammatically incorrect. I did a post once called Writerly Advice for the Wrong (And “writerly” probably isn’t even a word because spell-check is going crazy) Anyway, it started with: I hereby revoke your creative license. Turned out to be quite the attention piece, although I didn’t intend for it to be. I was frustrated with my novel draft and the post served as a diversion.

    1. That’s good advice. My post about semi-colons has been my most popular post, so I will see what else I can come up with. Thanks! (I think writerly is a now a pseudo-word. Auto-correct just doesn’t have a sense of humor.)

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