The “What’s Toby Thinking?” Challenge

Toby, unlike Molly, is a rather enigmatic fellow.  While Molly is very clear in her demands (pick me up, play with me, pet me, love me, NOW!), I feel like we misinterpret Toby. So here’s your challenge, if you choose to accept it: What’s he thinking?

Does somebody speak “cat”? What does this mean?

Put your suggestions in the comment box to be eligible for the ultimate Readncook-Round-Of-Applause Award, so don’t miss out! : )

5 thoughts on “The “What’s Toby Thinking?” Challenge

    1. He cracks me up all of the time. He will literarily have his tongue out for minutes at a time and it’s so hard to concentrate on anything else. All I want to do is laugh.

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