If you have not checked out That Dude Eddie’s prose poetry, you should. Each poem is imbued with the theme of valuing human connections and protecting what we have. This poem “Mirror” is a good example of his work. He creates a story where the reader is not sure what exactly is going on, but we get the meaning behind it; in this case, the risk of going for it all and losing everything–even ourselves.

That Dude Eddie

Greed was what tore us apart. There was no means of equality when we both wanted everything. How could we share if everything was meant for me only? We couldn’t. Destiny spoke to me from the skies and commanded that I take everything one evening. A voice from the heavens said to me, “take for all and mercilessly possess what is rightfully your’s.” I could see what the other could not. I then gave into my greed and took everything from the other. Once the revelation was fulfilled, I had nothing.

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.

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