You Guys Spoil Me!

Sisterhood of the pedicure! I, of course, shunned bright, summery colors for Russian Navy.

Is this a coincidence?!  Fate?  Happenstance?  Whatever it is, all I know is that it freaking rocks!  Today I hung out with my girlfriends (sisters if you will) going out to lunch and getting a pedi (isn’t that what sisters do?), and then I also discovered that Jodi Ambrose, a blogging sister of mine, nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award.  Just like the “my side of the computer screen” friends, Jodi is smart, sassy, and keeps me laughing. We also have the same weird habits of peeling off all of the chocolate on our favorite candies and not mixing our food– so we must be related somehow. If you have yet to check out her blog, please do so.

Pretty cool!

However, I’m feeling the love all over with you guys.  Since I’ve started less than three months ago (June 7th will be the “official” anniversary), you have all decided to follow my meanderings about teaching, travel, books, my family, boobies, and whatever else has crossed my mind, and you have stayed with me through it all. All of you and my Facebook readers have made me this close to 5,000 views, and I remember being excited when I had 13. Who’da thunk it?  Not me, for sure. None of this could have happened without you, and I am very grateful for all of your comments, support, and advice you have given me.  I feel spoiled.

Now to the award.  One of the rules for this award is for me to share 7 random facts about myself and to nominate others.

My 7 random things:

1.  I do not like to eat off of yellow plates.  Hubby will never live down the time he decided to serve fish sticks and creamed corn on a yellow plate, and he hasn’t made that meal or given me the yellow plate since.

2.  I have a huge thing for men with bows and arrows.  Errol Flynn, Robin Hood (any will do, but I think Russell Crowe just might be the winner followed by the Disney fox), Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings (the only redeeming factor of all 75 hours of those films), and most recently, Jeremy Renner in The Avengers.

via Marvel-movie.wikia

3.  I visited Alcatraz when I was 10 (?), and I believed that Al Capone’s spirit latched onto me, followed me home and would kill me in my sleep.  I literally scared myself sick. Don’t believe me? Ask my mom, she remembers it well. It would have been nice had someone clued me into the fact that he died in Florida of syphilis.

Whew! Not out to get me!

4.  My first pet was a cockatiel.  His name was Mister Feathers.

5.  One of my all time favorite books growing up was Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.  I connected with her ambivalence at growing up and trying to figure out how she fit in in the world.

I don’t know how many times I read this book. Margaret really spoke to me.

6.  I have four romance novels that I like to read when I want to escape from it all. Hubby will ask, “You’re reading Sweet Liar again?  How many times have you read that book?”  (The other three are Knight in Shining ArmorDreaming of You, and Once and Always.  If I could find it again, I would add Perfect to that list.  Yes, I know, I’m a total sap.)

7. I almost dumped my husband when we first started dating because I thought he laughed too much at my jokes.  I’m not that funny.  He apparently thinks I am.

Now for the main part: my nominees.  I have recently made some new blogging friends and all of them provide great posts and unique perspectives on the world. A couple of them are new to WordPress, and they have made promising starts. Please check them out!  Since this is a “sisterhood” award, it’s going to the ladies. Maybe we should start a “Bromance Blog Award” for the gents.

Last, but not least, I want to give my mom a shout out for reading all of my posts and being a great resource.

10 thoughts on “You Guys Spoil Me!

  1. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing the love and joy of this award with me and my little blog. As always I am honored and humbled by your amazing support = ) I am definitely share with you you’re love for Judy Blume’s ‘Are you there God it’s me Margaret’. It was also one of my favorite books growing up too. I also share you passion for heart throbs with bows and arrows. Especially when it comes to a blonde Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings. Hmmmmm…… Maybe it’s a Blume/Bloom thing = )

    1. “Blume/Bloom”! That made me chuckle. And what is it about men with arrows? Is it because it’s a developed skill and they’re not relying on brute strength or gadgets? Anyway– you deserve to be recognized!

      1. 😉 That s why I don’t accept awards… you see I call myself an introvert !!!!

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