25 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail! Well, You Did.

  1. I miss the greeting cards on my birthday from my friends… They were hand-made, with beautiful sketches and childish poems on friendship that meant a lot… Now it’s just animated e-cards 😦

  2. I miss kids playing out and not having to worry about wearing crash hats or shin pads. Songs without swearing in them.
    Vinyl records.
    Continuity announcers on TV who were sitting in a chair.

    1. Somehow we made it through childhood without shin pads! We did all right. Vinyl records with actual lyrics that conveyed something greater… Yes. What are continuity announcers?

  3. oh, I definitely miss getting letters. My best friend and I used to write to each other at the end of the school year, when she went back to live with her mother. It was fun!

      1. ooooooooooooooooooh

        Yes! I also miss that a lot! I miss having matching sheets and envelopes and stuff. They even came in a matching box or folder. Those were the days, my friend. Those were the days! 🙂

  4. Letters are wonderful. Getting them in the mail, opening them, reading, then rereading them later. It’s all so cozy. But, as you say, they’re quickly becoming a thing of the past. Like Christmas cards. I don’t get near as many of those as in years past. Maybe fols are forgetting how to write on paper in general.

    Though it was a big deal when I was in grade school, penmanship is fast becoming a lost art. My own handwriting these days is atrocious. Did I spell that right?

    I miss checks, too. Debit cards have made them almost non-existent.

    I see Blade Runner in our future!

    1. People are also having their Christmas cards printed with their names on them, so even that personal touch is disappearing. As for penmanship, mine is pretty awful, too. Some of my students have horrible penmanship and I will not read it if I can’t figure it out. They have to rewrite it or take a zero. (how do I know that it’s not jibberish?)

      I hope it doesn’t become Blade Runner, but it’s easy to draw that conclusion.

      1. I remember the first time I saw Blade Runner and wondering if I’d live long enough to see all of the gadgety stuff displayed in the movie. I sure hope all of the far out there stuff in that movie doesn’t come to pass!

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