Morning Walks In Palm Springs

Steve and I just got back from Palm Springs to visit his mother and to get her home ready for when she comes back from rehab from her hip replacement.  I originally hadn’t planned on going since I have two big trips coming up, and I had just been there in April.  To convince me, Steve whispered those three little words: “Your morning walk.”

Could I really resist watching the sun rise along the San Jacinto mountains, the Michael Wolfson park, or the desert flora and fauna?  No.  So I packed my bags and spent three days in the desert.  Even though I posted my pictures from my last visit, I present to you a compilation of this visit’s walks.  My little pink camera and I could not stop snapping away.

Moon over the mountains.
These flowers were everywhere. Don’t they look like a sunrise?
Refreshing water.
Ubiquitous Palm Springs image.
View of mountains from the park.
Part of the trail. You’d never guess that directly to my left is a golf course.
But even the golf course provided a photo op.
Two mornings in a row this hummingbird played “keep away” with me. Every time I was ready to click my camera, he flew away, but I got him!
This bunny also wanted in on the action as he hopped up to me, got his picture taken, and hopped away.
I swear this bird was waiting for his birdie pals. He sat there and looked back and forth, back and forth.
This bird was happy to beat the breakfast crowd.
I felt worthy of National Geographic or Ranger Rick when I took this picture of animal prints. We had seen a coyote one night, so I thought these were coyote prints until I realized these belonged to the multitude of dogs that are walked along this trail. There went my fleeting moment of glory!
There’s an empty lot full of wildflowers that’s just one big tangled mess of nature. And so pretty, too.
There were lots of birds diving in and out of these flowers. I tried to capture them, but they weren’t as accommodating as Mister Bunny.
I’m always amazed that someone a long time ago looked at this and said, “You know, I think I’ll build a resort here.”
These mountains never cease to fascinate.
One last look.

I hope you can see why Palm Springs is my favorite morning walk.  Readers, where do you like to walk?


25 thoughts on “Morning Walks In Palm Springs

    1. It’s an experience. Some fun things to do are to visit the Living Desert, which has lots of rescued wild animals that cannot be rereleased, and go up the tram. I recommend Lord Fletcher’s for dinner and a drink. It was Sinatra’s hangout and has good food.

    1. Thank you! I couldn’t believe that he hopped right next to me and waited there long enough for me to get his pic. Normally I don’t have this kind of good luck! You would have loved it the morning I saw three bunnies hopping around (all camera-shy,though).

      1. My heart would have burst with fuzzy love!! That is one thing I hate about living in AZ. There are so few critters around. I’ve seen one squirrel in 18 years! That is just WRONG! 🙂

      2. You are EVIL!!! NO!!! No fuzzy spiders! Now I have to go take a shower and scrub my brain. Even the thought of them gives me a panic attack. ICKY!! 😉 Let’s stick to bunnies. 😉 XOXO

      3. Did I mention that I also saw puppies? One was really tiny and he scurried around my feet in all of its cuteness. I was too busy saying “Ahhhh, how cute!” to take a picture. Does that make you feel better?

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