Sacramento Peace Garden

On the grounds of Sacramento’s Capitol Park lies a peace garden made up of numerous rose bushes representing a myriad of varieties.  The garden is in the shape of a heart and has many plaques bearing poems about peace written by California youngsters.  Just a few feet away is the state’s Vietnam memorial that bears statues of young soldiers in various stages of war.  The most touching is the young man reading a letter from home– his youth, innocence, and sadness surrounded by the horrors of war serve as a reminder as to why we should always seek peace.  The garden is a quiet place, and I found myself there this afternoon, little pink camera in tow.

Garden entrance.
There were roses of all shapes and colors.
I think yellow roses are my favorite.
Peppermint, anyone?
One of the many poems about peace by youngsters.
I don’t normally associate pink with Playboys, but okay.
A rose is a rose is a rose.
“Hey! I’m not a rose! I don’t smell as sweet!”
This one happens to match my little pink camera.
A bee gets his lunch from a Rhapsody in Blue.
Are these roses hiding?
A view of the fountain.
The back of the capitol. The capitol grounds is home to over a thousand plants that represent places from all around the world.
This set of blooms is closely followed by others.

4 thoughts on “Sacramento Peace Garden

  1. At an old job there was a huge group of squirrels that ran around the back patio. They were fearless of humans. You could almost reach out and touch them! I was always scared of rabies though.

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