Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Hungry goose coming through!

Recently when I was in London, I took a “detour” through St. James’s Park.  It’s an idyllic place with a pond full of ducks, geese, and swans.  Nearby was an elderly woman who carried a big plastic bag of bread.  She’d rip the bread apart and toss it in front of the birds. Needless to say, it was a feeding frenzy.  When I saw that this week’s photo challenge was movement, I thought of this little guy and his foot that is just a blur.  With his honking, pushing, and shoving, he proved that he was the hungriest of them all.

He ran right out of my picture!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

  1. St John’s park??? Do you mean St James’s Park.
    The only St Johns Park I know of is in East London near Canary Wharf and that doesn’t have a pond…..

    1. THANK YOU! I got it stuck in my head as St. John, even though it is St. James. I think it’s from the Underground stop St. John’s Woods. I will make the correction!

      1. Easy to get places confused, 🙂
        I lived there for 10 years and I still got lost…..

  2. Aaah! I’m deathly afraid of geese. I used to live in an apartment complex with a little man-made pond thing in the middle of it. In theory I could walk on this nice path next to the water to get from my apartment to the gym. But there was a group of geese that camped out rather territorialy on one section. I would end up jumping off the path and going out of my way through the parking lot so they wouldn’t come after me. Ever since then I pretty much think of geese as devil spawn.

    1. They can be pretty aggressive creatures. Did they ever come after you? I had a duck clamp down on my finger once, and I remember telling him, “now, you let me go!” He let go of me when he was good and ready. I don’t blame you for the wide berth!

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