Solitary In St. James’s

Being a chaperone had many perks.  I got to travel with really cool kids and listen to their viewpoints on the sights seen.  I got to meet other chaperones from across the U.S.  I also had an inexpensive way to travel.  One unexpected perk arose one day in London when my kids signed up to see the Windsor Castle, and I didn’t.  Five hours.  In London.  All. To. My. Self.

Earlier that day we visited Buckingham Palace and then walked briskly through St. James’s Park.  It was enchanting.  However, our tour director loved our schedule more than us and we sped through it.  Later that afternoon after I explored the Tate Britain, went up on the London Eye, and had an ice cream, I decided to walk from the South Bank to Piccadilly Circus, our meeting place.  St. James’s was sort-of, not quite en route, but I had to see it again.

Lucky duck.

The irony here just tickles me.

If there is any place with birds, ducks, geese, and swans hanging out, then that’s where you’ll find me.

You’ll also find me where the flowers are.  Over the course of our trip, I heard my kids say more than once, “Oh, Ms. L. will want to take pictures of those flowers.”  One of my girls drew a caricature of the five of us, and it in she portrayed me looking at my camera.

I barely got to see the main part of the park, but all this does is provide incentive to come back (not that I need incentive) and visit.  It was such a lovely place and so peaceful.  Would you blame me for contemplating skipping out on dinner so I could stay longer?


2 thoughts on “Solitary In St. James’s

  1. What beautiful pictures! The flowers and oh, I just loved it all. I can sit and watch activity around a little body of water all day. Safe travels and thanks for sharing. 🙂

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