This Is Outstanding!

There are many bloggers that I admire (most likely you’re one of them).  These bloggers constantly bring their unique perspectives on life, their quirky sense of humor, and their genuine talents to the forefront everyday.  I read a lot of posts that I wish I wrote and many issues that I wish I had thought of.  All of you are pretty awesome in your own way, and I look forward to your posts everyday.

Seventhvoice, a mother of two from Australia who posts both articles and poetry about fairness, equality, and most importantly, what it’s like to be a parent of a child with autism, recently selected me to receive the Outstanding Blogger Award.  I don’t think I can convey how special this made me feel.  For one, I have a great amount of respect for her– for sharing her struggles and bringing issues that confront her community and country to light.  Autism can be a divisive topic since its cause is unknown and everyone has a different idea how it should be treated; she handles this subject with grace.  Also, the rules for accepting this award are to nominate five others who “show intellect and a sense of confidence in the subject for which they are blogging about WITHOUT going way over the heads of those us who need things said in layman’s terms.”  The fact that she considers my blog worthy of being part of that five blows me away.

The rules for accepting this award are to nominate 5 others to receive it and add one important piece of information they feel is important to us on their post.  So without further ado:

silverpoetry for creating contemplative and amazing poems

Broadside for writing about a myriad of social issues and what it means to be a “grown up”

as long as i’m singing for writing about life and providing creative pieces that offer a different perspective

truthlets & thought bits for sharing her unique perspectives on life and being honest

Romancing the Bee for sharing everything one needs to know about raising bees and making it interesting.  Lots of recipes and travel photos, too.

I have two honorable mentions.  The following do not accept awards, so I am not giving them one, just plain old recognition.  Both share poetry and creative pieces and are fun to read.

My Word Your

Crazy Life…

Please check them out if you haven’t already!  Again, thank you, Seventhvoice, for the nomination.

12 thoughts on “This Is Outstanding!

      1. Just 4 that, introvert that I am, I would love to share a small news 🙂 I have just been selected for a M.A course in Political Science, in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. I know I will go but am 25 and all my classmates will be 3-4 years younger than me… excited but butterflies in my stomach.. also it will be first time in North India..

      2. Congratulations! This is a very exciting opportunity, and they’ll be lucky to have you! Even though you’re older, you’ve had more experiences that will give you a greater perspective on things.

  1. I am truly honored. Not for the award alone, but for what my lil blog means to you. I hope my perspective never becomes to warped for your enjoyment, and rest assured, I enjoy reading you as much as you do I!

    Thank you =)

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