Stewart’s Pure Michigan Adventure

Hi! My name is Stewart, and I am traveling duck. I have been fortunate enough to go where no duck has gone before. Here I am at the Old Spot in Dursley, England.
Riding the food belt at Yo! Sushi in London sure was a trip!
Spectacular day to be at the WWI monument in Kansas City!
As I do every summer, I went to Michigan. Mom loves it there, so we go. To be honest, I love it, too. For the first time ever we went to Lansing to see the state capital.
Compared to me, it is BIG!
It is the only capital building with a glass floor. There’s my mom!
The dome is beautiful. Mom kept oohing and ahhing over the blue and pink decor. I prefer yellow, myself.
We went on to the German community of Frankenmuth. Their chicken dinners are excellent.
You can also listen to some lively polka/bluegrass fusion music.
This is tempting….
You can’t make a stop in Frankenmuth without visiting Bronner’s Christmas store! They have Hummels, too!
We journeyed back to Dowagiac to listen to bluegrass music at the Concert in the Park.
I got a primo seat!
We went to Cassopolis to visit the Cass County Courthouse.
I helped Grandma look up records of our ancestors. I tried to tell Mom about the sign that said, “NO Cameras!”, but she didn’t hear me.
In Cass we found a great farmer’s market. Who wants to play checkers?
I sure hope this isn’t the prequel to The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Mom….
I had a great time at Southwestern Michigan College, where my grandma went to school. The saleslady in the bookshop hit on me and cooed, “I LIKE Stewart!” And I got to go….
Mom decided that I had enough wholesome activities for one day and took me gambling with Uncle Max and Grandma at the Four Winds Casino in Hartford.
They even cater to ducks! The funniest moment was when Grandma ran into the ladies’ room calling out, “Stewart!” She thought she lost me, but I was really with my mom. I’m pretty lucky to have a grandma that cares about my well-being.
We had dinner at the Keeler Keg in Keeler (imagine that!). There were some bikers that I wanted to get a picture with but they rode away.
We spent one morning cleaning out G.G.’s basement. Cousin Jack helped and hauled everything away. It was a lot of work!
No trip to the southwest corner of the state is complete without a visit to St. Joseph. Every year they have new animals for me to meet on the street. That day I met Seahorse. Make sure to stop into Kilwinn’s for ice cream. Their coconut ice cream with hot fudge tastes just like a Mounds Bar!
They also have a new store called Purely Michigan that sells products made only in the state!
The beaches of Lake Michigan have the softest sand. I could hang out all day.
Sara helps me place my order at The Hayloft in Decatur.
I chose the JUNIOR Brownie Bucket. Do you think I can finish it?
There are lots of other animals in Dowagiac, too! Ummm…. I think I should take off now!
These guys seem friendly enough!
Maybe I’ll meet some of my own type at Annette’s house.
Close enough!
Of course, Mom has to get a picture of me with Queen Anne’s Lace!
G.G.’s deck is a relaxing place to soak up the sun.
Had a great visit with Uncle Jeff!
It’s girls’ night out, but they allowed me to tag along! I helped protect them against the drunk guy who walked into the wall.
Sara and Jill give me the spa treatment at G.G.’s house. I haven’t felt that well scrubbed since…. I can’t remember.
Sadly, we had to go home. The United terminal has the best walkway in O’Hare.

6 thoughts on “Stewart’s Pure Michigan Adventure

  1. I really enjoyed seeing these photos of Stewart’s adventure in Michigan. Seems like he had a great time and took to enjoying himself like… well, like a duck takes to water! 🙂 His Mom must have had a really good time too, since she seems to be in a fun and whimsical mood, judging by this post. Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

    1. Ha! He’s a pretty lucky duck! He’s been traveling with me since I was 16. Last week I took him to school to meet my custodian (who asked about my duck collection in my classroom), and now he talks about Stewart everyday and asks how he’s doing. It’s pretty funny.

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