Does This Make Me A Twit?

My husband, after years of resistance, opened a Twitter account, and encouraged me to explore and use my own lonely account.  To help me along he added the app to me iPad and iPhone, and he got the little bird on the menu bar for the computer.  Thank you, sweetie.  I needed one more distraction.  Really.

Anywho– I am officially up and running on Twitter and even figured out how to put one of those follow button thingys on my blog, and I’m following Paul Krugman.  How cool is that?  So, come on, follow me.  And I’ll follow you.  If I’m going to go Twitter, I might as well go big.


12 thoughts on “Does This Make Me A Twit?

  1. Dear Amy
    I have just completed my competitive exams and about to start for Delhi… A new campus life awaits me at least for a few months and am happy to be able to visit your blog again 🙂
    Thanks for all the positive energy 😉

    1. Congratulations on being done with your exams! I bet it’s a relief! I’m glad you can “come out and play” again in the blogosphere. 🙂 Will you be writing crazy four-lined poems about your new adventures in Delhi? Because I’ll want to hear all about them. On my side of the planet– I’m headed back to teaching again tomorrow. I’m teaching Senior English and US History, a class I’ve never taught before. It’ll be fun.

      1. Yes.. it’s a relief that the exams are over…I have reached Delhi just now.. I shall be writing about the life here from next week 🙂 Lots of friends’ blog to check out in the mean time.. It’s really nice to have you people around for this is my first time 3000kms from home and I am sure blogging will help me enjoy this new experience 🙂

      2. And I will love to hear all about your new classes… US History sounds interesting 🙂

  2. I’ll follow you. I, too, am not good about following; I’ve had twitter going for about a year and I’m not good about keeping up. How many things in your life can you follow? They’re starting to pile up! 8).

  3. I think the I’ll follow you if you follow me mentality. Sort of like I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I have the same exact mentality by the way.

      1. By the way, I meant to say I “like” the I’ll follow you if you follow me mentality. I’m blaming the error on iPhone corrective typing.

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