Please Read This Post Before You “Like” It

I have a blogging bone to pick.  Recently I have had a rash of other bloggers liking my posts without reading them.  It’s pretty easy to spot them– I hit “publish” and within minutes I have 3 views and 5 likes– two did not read what I actually wrote, but hit the “Like” button on the reader page.  There are only three reasons bloggers do this:

1. They want to increase their readership through their “likes”.  It is common courtesy to check out someone’s blog after they “like” it and hopefully find something in their blog that is funny, inspiring, provoking, or strange to “like” back.  However, when it’s just rampant liking without reading– that’s just blatant attention-getting self-promotion.

2. Same as #1, but they have their ebook to sell.  More self-promotion.

3. They have no life and sit in front of the computer scanning the reader page and liking everything.

Why am I so annoyed?  I mean, really, having a bunch of likes on your post is impressive to other bloggers to see when they stop by.  It’s also really nice to get a “like”.  I am annoyed because it is empty, meaningless praise given for the sake of self-promotion.  I am annoyed because I spend a lot of time writing, as I’m sure you do, too, and someone is passing judgement on my work without even knowing, or taking the time to consider, what I wrote.   I am annoyed because when I go check out the “liker’s” blog, it is selling something.  I am annoyed because it is inauthentic and degrades the sense of community and sharing among bloggers.  I prefer an honest empty like space at the bottom of my post over a space full of “empty likes”.  If you like it, “like” it, but only then.

Whew!  I had to get that off my chest.  Those of you who honestly like my work, I know who you are and your support keeps me writing.  Thank you.

On the homefront: I had a good first day of school today.  My students seem nice, if a bit squirrely.  I think I am going to have a good term.


51 thoughts on “Please Read This Post Before You “Like” It

  1. I read it (all) and I agree! I have noticed it, too. Rest assured: I am NOT selling a book (or anything else), AND I read various things and hit LIKE only when I really like what I read! Rainey

    1. Ha! Thanks! It’s just been all over lately, and I get excited when the orange button pops up. It’s such a let-down when it’s compulsive liker. Thanks for stopping by and reading. 🙂

  2. It’s always refreshing to read an honest post, and I do like your writing. Having actually read your post, I’d prefer to “like” it, but perhaps I’ll restrain myself this time. 🙂 I can relate to your points… I’ve had several instances where people (including a family member or two) have written “nice post” on something I’d written that they would NEVER agree with, and I’ve found myself both annoyed and amused by it. I enjoy your blog!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts! That is pretty funny about your family members. You could use their agreement with your views as arsenal during family dinners…. Or not. : )

  3. I’m glad you had a good first day at school!

    The incessant liking annoys me also. For all those likers know, they may hate what I wrote. I’m more likely to check out their product if I randomly find it than if the creator indiscriminately likes my post.

  4. Because I haven’t had a lot of those, but I’ve wondered about the couple that have occurred… made me wonder. Apparently, I’m not crazy…they really CAN’T read them that fast!

  5. I like what you have to say. But I am not a blogger so you can be rest assured that I will only like it if I actually like it.

    I am glad the first day went well! Yeah!

  6. YES!!!!! I have almost written this post a number of times. I have a few likers who like every post I write within seconds of publishing it. This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. And always with the selling stuff…grrrr!!! I haven’t written this post because I might accidentally call out the specific bloggers that do this on my site.

    It’s annoyed me so much that I rarely Like posts myself because I don’t want the writer to think I’m just trying to get attention. I just changed up my blog format and sort of want to included a widget with posts I recently liked. So I’ve been thinking that I should take up liking again. Perhaps I’ll start now…

    1. They have a widget for that? Cool! Yeah, my goal in writing this was not specifically call out anyone, but to make my voice heard. I don’t know if it will stop anything, but the culprits didn’t “like” this. I don’t know if they read the title or if it was coincidence. My husband was getting a bit tired of me griping about this (first world problem).

  7. you are a good writer alun, I can understand the frustration, this happens to everyone here blogging, its okay, you feel good after writing and that’s enough to keep blogging! sometimes people don’t read big paragraphs or lengthy post, so they like it so that they can read afterwards in “Posts I like” tab.

  8. Hmmm? Did you write something? Just kidding 😉

    I always read your posts before liking them. I find it a great insight into other people’s worlds. I don’t randomly like people’s posts on the reader, I load them up and read them. Occasionally, I have to tell the author that something has gone wrong with their post. This is why I prefer to have posts sent to me by email. I can read them fully by clicking on the link. Sometimes I will go to the reader so that I can like a post that has been reblogged – that is if I like the post. If I don’t, I won’t like it.

    1. Ha! I know you read my posts! And I appreciate it greatly. There are 6 bloggers that I know of who do this, and they’re the ones I’m thinking of. If the post is short or even just a picture, I still open it to like it, so the blogger can get a view count. I like your idea of going back to the reblogged blog’s site to like– very cool.

  9. serial likers–geez I did not realize that but I still get excited at every like. Do you think there may be “serial followers” because some followers have never even liked one of my posts?
    You start school early too—I love school supply lists,back pack shopping and open houses! My oldest starts his senior year and when I get back in blogging mode I am going to be very sappy 😦

    1. I totally think there are serial followers, too, but they don’t annoy me as much as the likers. How exciting for your son! I look forward to reading your sappy posts– I have a soft spot for seniors.

  10. For the record, I never “like” anything unless I’ve read it. I sometimes hit the like button when I enjoyed it, but have nothing to add in comments. So if you ever get a like from me, you know I read the post.

    And aren’t teenagers supposed to be kind of squirrely?

    1. Thank you! I wanted the title to also the compulsive likers’ attention, too. Good luck this year! I’m sure it will be great– you’re a good teacher!

  11. “liked” on the off chance you’d know that with me, it’s legit. And I hope to share your frustration one day =)

    1. Apparently I’m not the only one who is annoyed. I tried to ignore them, but once I’m annoyed, I’m annoyed. Now that I’ve vented I can go back to ignoring them. There are bigger problems in the world.

  12. To like or not to like–seems to be the question these days. I have read other bloggers’ gripes about serial likers. I guess I don’t get that many odd likes on my posts. Hmm, is that good or bad? It is fun to find a new blog to read off the post, and I very rarely find a flagrant promoter. I do wonder when come across a post and there are over 70 likes and it is not a fresh pressed. Do they give out doughnuts with each like to get so many?

    Happy first day back. Hope your students stay golden through the year.

    1. I also wonder about those people with 70 likes– how do they do it? There are some people who like my posts without even clicking to view what I wrote. I write fairly long posts, so I know they haven’t read them. I also see their “likes” on a myriad of other posts, which makes me think that they “like” everything. Like you, I enjoy discovering a new blog through a like. It’s nice to meet people who genuinely like what I wrote or can connect to it in some way; I often enjoy their work, too. Regarding Freshly Pressed, am I alone in thinking it’s over-rated? Some articles are really good, but there have been many that have left me scratching my head. It feels very subjective.

      Thank you for the school wishes!

    1. Ha! Thanks! I know it’s not on par with the presidential election or women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, but it’s so annoying. It’s the insincerity of it that bugs me– it’s like we’re all so desperate for “likes” that we’ll be happy with whatever we get. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

  13. They’re probably bots or monkeys trained to press Like on each post that appears in the reader. Some of them pop up everywhere. [You know who you are and you WILL be tarred and feathered and thrown to the lions! No wait, you never read any posts, let alone comments, this warning is of no use.]
    Nb Like your post but I’m too lazy to scoll up again and press Like :/

    1. I’m imagining legions of monkeys attending to the WP reader page hitting the like button and screeching and jumping up and down in glee. For every 1,000 likes, they get a banana. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks! Random “likes” when you know they did not read it re so annoying. I’m all for likes when you really like it, but have no time for commenting or have nothing to add.

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