There are two things going on at my house at the moment.  One, it’s my husband’s birthday, and two, it’s the third straight day of my cold that has me laid up at home and without a voice.   It really should be him lounging around the house today (minus the sneezing, the snot, and the coughing), and before he left for work this morning, he made sure I had everything I needed.  Yesterday he worked a half day so he could spend the afternoon on the phone (six hours) with family in Palm Springs to put out fires for his ailing mom.  He took a break to run to the store and get soup, crackers, and ice cream for me.  He mentally kicked himself for forgetting the 7-Up.   This just highlights who he is.

Steve and I have been together for fourteen years.   Yet, I am always struck by his generosity of spirit and his ability to make me laugh.  He is the first guy that I was able to be truly silly with, and he is the first to “get” what bothers me and haunts me.  When someone hurts my feelings or makes me mad, he gets angry so I don’t have to.  He always knows what I like– whether it’s books, videos, or meals at a restaurant.  He also knows that I do not want to eat off the yellow plate.  He supports me in every endeavor– even if it means that I’m going to some far off locale without him. During the summer, when he’d rather watch the morning news, he uncomplainingly reads the paper as I workout to one of my videos.  He makes sure my iPhone is up to date,  and always tells me of the teaching apps he finds that would make my life easier.  He saves articles about Downton Abbey for me.  He has strong political convictions and wants to see fairness, equality, and a better life for everyone.  He is a hard worker and always has been.  He always does the right thing, and is thoughtful and considerate to everyone.

On a typical day he hears more about how he should wipe down the counters better or clean up the coffee spills or tackle any other little annoyance.   Sometimes I sigh and roll my eyes when he shows me a new feature on the computer.  Sometimes I make fun of the drumming videos he watches (okay, all of the time!).   Sometimes I glaze over when he goes on a political tangent. However, the love, strength, and integrity of the man I married always leaves me a bit… speechless.

17 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. What a sweet, sweet post. I love it.

    I like that you say he was the first guy you were truly able to be silly with. I have loved two men in my life. My husband and, well, another guy. Obviously. I’ve never thought about it in those terms, but they were the only guys I was able to be silly with. That’s actually quite an accurate way to describe being comfortable with someone.

    I am fortunate in that I feel much the same way about my husband. I think he’s such an amazing person, and feel so grateful that he’s sticking it out with me.

    Also – you should know I’m linking to this post on my blog under “Worth a Read”. Because it is.

    1. Thank you on all kinds of levels! I remember the first time I was silly with him– his housemate had moved out and took all of the furniture (probably because it was his) and we were watching The Brady Bunch while sitting on the floor. I got up and danced to the theme song (another hidden talent– theme song and commercial dancing), and he just laughed and laughed. He thought it was the best thing ever.

      Your hubby looks like a genuinely nice guy. I think it’s important (at least to me) to be with someone that you’re in awe of in a way. There’s that sensation of, “Wow, he’s with me!”. Thank you for posting my article!

    1. Thank you and thank you. I feel really fortunate– I had my string of not-good ones, so when we started going out, I didn’t dare take his qualities for granted.

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