Let’s Not Go To Work And Say We Did

Well, blog buddies, this weekend is Labor Day, and as far as I can tell, this week is going to make me work for it.  It’s already Monday and I’ve posted on Facebook to forget the margarita mix, just give me the tequila.  Today challenged me beyond normal, so much so that I cried.  In class.  Then I cried later, too.  The thing is… I don’t think I’ve cried from being upset since 2009.  I’m okay now.  Everything’s been resolved, but it was draining to say the least.  Then tomorrow night is back-to-school night.  Here’s my excitement about that: yay.  It will be in the gym, not in our rooms.  The five parents (I’m not exaggerating, okay, maybe a little, but not by much) who show up will not know what their kids say everyday.  They will, however, see all of us in one big noisy room that challenges my hearing as sounds reverberate off the walls.  On Wednesday, I have some meetings in the afternoon: yay.  That evening I also I have my informational meeting about the trip to Ireland and Great Britain, and I don’t have a clue to how many I can expect.

Why am I telling you all of this?  I think I am going to be MIA from WordPress for the rest of the week.  Too much is going on.  My supply of sanity is decreasing.  I’m going to try to get through the week without anymore tears.  I will see you this weekend, hopefully with a tear-free, positive report.

Have a good week WordPressians!  Remember to make a date with yourself over the three day weekend!  I’ve already asked myself out for an afternoon of reading on the couch, and wouldn’t you know it?  I said yes.

20 thoughts on “Let’s Not Go To Work And Say We Did

      1. Indeed we are in charge and the only one who can effect changes. Positivity has the effect of being positively positive doesn’t it? 😉

  1. Oh Amy, sorry you have a tough week. I hope you know that even if you do cry again, that’s okay. Fortunately, the four times I’ve cried at work I’ve made it behind a closed door first. I guess you don’t have that privilege when you have a classroom to lead. I hope the rest of the week is easy on you and you get a well deserved break on the couch this weekend!

    1. Thank you, Laura. The person who made me upset apologized to me and my class today. It was a relief, because now my kids knew why I was upset yesterday (it’s a long story that I’m not at liberty to discuss). But I had never had anything like it in my career. This is the hardest thing about teaching– hiding my emotions when I want to punch a wall.

  2. “The five parents who show up will not know what their kids say everyday”…this mad me smile so much! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Sometimes parents really have no clue what their kids are upto.
    I really hope and pray you get through your week sans tears and it ends with your sweet smile.

  3. I hope you rediscovered your sanity. We just finished our first quarter, and it was HARD. I’m so tired… I know yours isn’t halfway through, but I’m sending you good thoughts! Peace!

    1. Thank you! I don’t know what it was about these first few weeks of school (well, I know a couple of reasons),but they were really hard. The odd thing was that my students are fine– normally it’s them who drive me nuts. I hope you’re resting up!

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