My Kind Of Town

I think everyone has a city they gravitate towards.  Some leave their hearts in San Francisco or they want to be a part of it in New York, but for me, my first love is Chicago.  It has played a part in many a childhood summer for me, and it has supplied me with many happy memories of my Gramps and step-Grandma Ninna.  So it required very little arm-twisting on my husband’s part to take a long weekend to visit that city and see a Rush concert to celebrate our nine year anniversary.  (Steve knows that I’m more likely to say yes to a Rush concert if he includes travel.)   I typed up my lesson plans, found a good sub who would implement them, and on Thursday, left with my hubs.

Chicago is a great city to spend two days in– it’s not like New York or Washington, D.C. where there’s just so much that you feel cheated if you leave.  You can easily spend a week in the Windy City, but two days is a good amount of time to get a good feel of it.  It’s very pedestrian friendly with wide sidewalks and nothing is that far away (if it is, there are plenty of cabs and trains to get you there).  This trip was not just a great way to get away from everything, but it also helped me snap out of the funk that has ensnared me the last couple of months.  But good weather, beautiful buildings and art, nice meals, a few drinks, a day at the ballpark, and a great concert will do that to you.

In honor of my Grandma Ninna, who worked there, we stayed The Drake. Can you get more Old Chicago than that?
The couch in the elevator provides a nice respite from walking all day along Michigan Ave.  The mirror so wonderfully caught my hub’s backside.
Had to make a deep dish pizza stop!
Are our eyes bigger than our stomachs?
Almost! (For all of those people who tell me I need to eat more… put this in your pipe and smoke it.)
Chicago River at dusk. Looks almost like an Impressionistic painting.
Hubs got me breakfast from The Goddess and the Grocer.
The Water Tower enjoys the shade of the Hancock Building.
Gothic entry of the Tribune Building.
Wrigley Building.
Chicago Public Library.
Canna for Asifa.
Big shiny sculpture thing at Millennium Park.
Chicago Art Institute.
Que Seurat, Seurat.
Monet, Monet!
Mother and Child by Mary Cassatt
John Singer Sargent
Only Edward Hopper knows what they’re talking about.
If Mona Lisa had parents… What are they thinking?
Outside the museum.
Good place for a Chicago Dog.
I opted for the Kenwood Street Dog– apple and gouda stuffed chicken sausage topped with honey mustard and apple slaw. It was gouda.
Under the El.
We took the Architectural River Cruise– a great way to see the city if you’re short on time.
The sun played peek-a-boo between the Marina Towers, also known as the “Corn Cob” buildings.
Just in case there aren’t enough buildings, they reflect each other, too.
The tower formerly known as Sears.
How we didn’t get sunburned is beyond me.
Stopped at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse’s bar for an afternoon cocktail. I couldn’t pass up a Fallen Matador– which resulted in a Fallen Amy.
Finished the day at the Green Mill Lounge for drinks and jazz.
People, Places, and Things performed. There were two saxophonists.
Corner of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, where Gramps and Ninna got married, and the Hancock Building.
Looking back at Oak Street Beach (a place of happy swims with Gramps) and the skyline.
A good little walk.
It’s not a trip to Chicago without Wrigley Field.
It’s very important to get your daily serving of vegetables. Thank goodness Capt. Morgan’s Bar was there to help me out with that! Close call!
The infamous ivy wall with the scoreboard that is manned by people, not electricity.
The stands from where Al Capone was cheered, and Pres. Hoover, booed.
Stewart enjoys a day at the ballpark, too!
As do we…
We ended our night with Rush for their Clockwork Angels tour.
Neil Peart on the big screen

Midway: Chicago’s answer to O’Hare. So much easier!