Sunday In Central Park

It was one of those nights.  You know those nights, when neither of you can sleep and end up talking quietly in the dark of your dreams, and goals, aspirations.  Steve and I lied there quietly, discussing our upcoming wedding.  All of the planning had progressed smoothly, but we faced an odd dilemma: where to go to for our honeymoon.  While we had quickly agreed on the invitations, the venue, the food, and the rings, we could not agree on a destination.  It becomes challenging when the bride (ie. me) refused to go anywhere with the “Three ‘S’s”: Sea, sand, and sun. Steve teased me by suggesting that we go to New Mexico to look at pueblos, which he quickly regretted after I got excited at the prospect.  Pueblos weren’t his idea of a honeymoon.  So we contemplated, scratching off every possible romantic geographical location.  Nothing sounded right.

After ruminating for a few minutes, Steve offered, “How about New York?  It’s not tropical.” New York.  I had never been there, save for a connecting a flight through JFK, it was not a typical honeymoon destination, and it would be exciting.  It was settled.  We spent a week there and haven’t been the same since.  On Saturday nights at home, listening to jazz and drinking wine, eating Steve’s home-cooked meals, we would sigh heavily and wish we were  in New York.  Everything reminded us of it: Law and Order, Sex and the City, Woody Allen films.  So we keep going back.

New York’s siren call is not that that emanates from the police, ambulance, or fire trucks, it’s the call of Central Park with its hidden gems around every corner, its ability to transport one to a different time and place, where one can forget they’re in the center of one of the most populous and busiest cities in the world. This past Sunday, Steve and I were there, and it was perfect for a girl who shuns the sun, sand and sea.  It was cold, overcast, and rainy.  We entered the park at Columbus Circle and made our way to Harlem.  The further north we receded, the more isolated the park became.  Only the runners and a few tourists ventured out.  We felt like we had the park to ourselves. To add to the ambience, Steve pulled out his iPhone and set it to play jazz music as we meandered down the paths.  John Coltrane’s “In a Sentimental Mood” captured the whimsy urbane atmosphere as the light rain fell.


22 thoughts on “Sunday In Central Park

    1. Thank you! The fact that Central Park contains a combination of ancient rock, rugged terrains, immaculate British inspired gardens, a reservoir, and multiple ponds (plus a zoo, a carousel, a restaurant, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art) make it a must-see. It’s the eighth wonder of the world in my humble opinion. I hope you get the opportunity to go.

      1. Would love to! Not many are aware of the rock there, but geology is a fascination of mine. The entire peninsula must have been lush and thick before the city went up, no denigration intended toward the city or it’s residents of course. Love reading your posts!

      2. As we walked through the wooded areas of the park, I tried to imagine what it must have been like for the early settlers who carved out a life there. It’s incredible that they were able to keep some of that history alive. I have great admiration for those who settled this land– it was brutal and unknown. Their courage and tenacity is a great lesson for us today.

    1. I always tell my hubs that Central Park is the eighth wonder of the world. It amazes me that it wasn’t leveled in the past to create more real-estate, but NY wouldn’t be NY without it.

  1. Lovely pics.. Couldn’t help remembering the sitcom ‘Friends’ after reading the title of the post 🙂 Central Park looks serene and dreamy 🙂

    1. I thought of “Friends” a lot, too! Central Park is wonderful. If you ever make it to this side of the planet, you must go! Let me know and I’ll meet you there. : )

  2. Interesting. Your experience in NYC was significantly different than mine… My memory is of unending noise, unusually high levels of vulgarity, and some of the more “interesting” aromas I’ve encountered… Oh, wait… that was my last trip to the restroom..SORRY! Actually, I enjoyed my NYC trip generally, but I was very thankful to be home. Maybe if I’d seen Central Park, my overall memories would be even higher! Beautiful pics…

    1. So let me see… you lived not too far from Chicago, but never went, and now you’re telling me that you were in NY, but didn’t go to Central Park. I have half a mind to drive out to Missouri and bop you on the back of the head! Ha! You’re right, though, NY does have its own set of “odors”.

      1. Sort of! That is really awesome that you performed there! What an accomplishment! It must have been an amazing experience. I say “sort of” because CP is only two short blocks away from CH…

  3. I happen to love sun, sand, sea AND New York. One of my best friends from high school lives there too. He’s just about the funniest person I’ve ever met. So New York gets a few extra points for having the best tour guide. Did you get a chance to see anything on Broadway? Or is that not your thing?

    1. How nice to have your own tour guide– a funny one that! Most of our nights were taken up by jazz shows this time, so we didn’t hit Broadway. We have seen a couple of shows in the past. We did consider seeing War Horse, but it cost a lot! We hit Central Park instead– as always.

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