I Want To Write, But It’s Never The Write Time!

I miss blogging and writing and the freedom of expression. I miss reflecting on my day and thinking of moments to share that were meaningful to me and hopefully to others. I miss the community forged with other writers– those who care about their craft and motivated by having something to say. But I’ve fallen for the cult of busy-ness. I am always busy. My life style as of now does not support the goals of a semi-aspiring writer. In order to write at the level I wish, I need time and dedication to produce they kind of writing I of which I can be proud. If someone is kind enough to leave a comment, I want to have the time to respond. Because if I’m going to do something, I want to do it well.

Everyday I think about writing, but again, I let the moment flit away. What to do?

Well, there’s only one solution: just do it. Just sit down and write.

11 thoughts on “I Want To Write, But It’s Never The Write Time!

  1. I miss you, too! 😦 Finding time (or breaking out of my cycle of do-nothingness) to blog was my original problem. And then I had to break out of the need for everything to be great, or at least pretty good, before I posted. I’m learning that even a crappy post is a good thing.

  2. I have neglected my blog and sadly, my writing, for months now. Whatever the reasons, be it work, family, or Netflix, they cannot be my excuses. My writing this morning begins with butt in stationary bike and reconnecting with blogger friends. Hopefully I keep biking and keep writing!

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