Monday Motivators: 65,000 Steps

Challenges:  They get me in trouble.  I cannot say “no” to them.  So when my blogging buddy Laura started her Monday Motivators to challenge and motivate herself and her friends to do whatever it is they need to do that week, I signed on immediately.  My challenge: walk 60,000 steps in 5 days.

The fitness powers-that-be suggest 10,000 steps a day, but working at a school and being on my feet all day helps me attain almost 6-8,000 steps.  Walking to the mailbox and regular daily living walking helps make up the difference.  That’s not very challenging. 12,000 steps requires more from me, and to reach that goal, I need to come home after being on my feel all day and do a workout.  That is a challenge.

But I made it.  I actually did a little over 60,000 steps and here’s my plan of attack:

1. Wear the FitBit.  My FitBit tracks all of my steps, and sometimes after I shower, I forget to put it on right away.  That means I walk around the house getting ready for work and those steps are not tracked.  This can add up to over 500 steps!

2. Plan ahead.  Last week I knew I had an all-day meeting Wednesday, a book club in the evening Thursday, and a tuckered body on Friday.  These days were going to be low-step days, so I planned to work out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons.  On Monday and Tuesday I exceeded 12,000 steps in order to make up for the rest of the week’s deficit.

3. The mini-challenge.  On Thursday and Friday, know that I would need to get in some good steps at work, I gave myself mini-challenges.  For example, during class I checked my steps on my FitBit (I love my FitBit) and challenged myself to walk a certain amount of steps in a limited amount of time.  This had an added benefit of keeping my students on task: at any moment I could be doing a lap around their desks.

4.  Take the long way.  My classroom is close to everything: the front office, the library, the bathroom, the elevator.  Fortunately my room is on the second floor, so there is ample opportunity to take the stairs.  However, with everything so close I often create “long ways” of getting places.  It might take a minute or two longer to get somewhere, but the steps add up quickly (you’d be surprised).

5. A little help from students.  Some of my students know that I am trying to get in my steps.  Some cheer me on, while others are sneaky.  One day a student called me over to him. After walking across the room to see what he needed, he grinned, “Nothing.  Just helping you get in some more steps.”

This week has less demands on my time, so my goal is to reach 65,000 steps.

Readers, if you have not met my lovely friend, Laura, click on the link above and check out her blog.  Let her motivate you, too!

8 thoughts on “Monday Motivators: 65,000 Steps

  1. Well done!! I have a few co-workers that wear what I think are FitBits. Something like it at least. I should really look into getting one… I can see how just having an awareness of your steps help you make little changes to daily habits that add up. And I LOVE the help from your students! That’s awesome! Also, thanks for joining me and for the shout out!

    1. Thanks! And thank you for the retweet. I have a FitBit HR and love it. I can time and track my exercise, but it also logs my active minutes– when I get my heart rate up throughout the day. Looking forward to hearing how your week went for you!

  2. I went on spring break with the family to visit many young cousins and walk the streets of the Windy City. Easy to put all those steps in. Now, my challenge is to do the same while writing. Much more difficult!

    Congrats on achieving your goal!

    1. Chicago is a great city to walk in! I hope you had a good time. My goal this week is back to 60,000 steps, and I’m off to a good start. But we’re starting testing tomorrow and that will really limit my steps.

  3. Hey there, great post! I’m new here and I created Real Life Natural Wife. I actually talked a little bit about the benefits of getting 10,000 steps each day and wearing a pedometer in my post Get In Good Shape (The Easy Way). I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think.

    Enjoy your day!

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