Monday Motivators: When The Mind Is Willing And The Body Is Not

Last week my personal challenge was to walk 65,000 steps, or 13,000 steps a day, in five days.  I knew this would be hard, but the week before I handily accomplished 60,000 and my confidence was high.  Surely, I could sneak in an extra 1,000 steps a day.

Instead, something else snuck up on me.  My weekly total was 53,342.  This sounds like a lot, and it IS a lot.  For me, it was pretty low.  On Monday I woke up feeling pretty tired, but I tried to get in my steps and even did a step aerobic workout when I got home (I live by workout videos).  Even with this effort, I missed the 13,000 mark by 800 steps.  I shrugged it off; the deficit would be made up on Tuesday.  The next morning I felt worse– exhausted, kind of swimmy, with a headache that throbbed behind my left eye, and everything I ate or drank tasted like bile.  I still went to work, hoping that once I got there I would feel better and knowing my job was to chaperone students on a low-maintenence field trip.  I still did not feel better.  This followed for the entire week and culminated on Thursday when my left eye felt like it had looked at the sun too long (even though I was indoors) and could not regain its sight. Nothing was getting done; the papers remained ungraded and the steps remained untaken.  I went home and walked to the couch.  Friday resulted in the same action.  I spent most of the weekend recuperating.  It wasn’t until Saturday evening that it started to abate, and while I feel much better today, I know that it just went into hiding; I’m not out of the woods.

The good news is that I got in a lot of steps today.  I worked out and went for a four-mile walk.  My goal this week is back to 60,000.  My friend Ginger, who also has a FitBit, challenged me to the Workweek Hustle competition to see who can get the most steps.  Hopefully between feeling better and a good dose of friendly competition, I will make it.

Monday Motivators was started by my blogging friend Laura who is motivating herself and others to accomplish the things they want to do for the week.  Go over and check out her blog and be her friend.  She is awesome.

11 thoughts on “Monday Motivators: When The Mind Is Willing And The Body Is Not

  1. I’m writing my post right now and saw this pop up! Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well this week. I’m impressed you did as much as you did. Rest is so important too and you did the right thing listening to your body. (As I’m sure you already know.) I think last week was the week of rest. Rest was on my mind and another blog friend focused her goals on rest too. Anyway, that’s cool that you’re being motivated in real life too! Good luck in the work competition and, again, hope you feel better and more energized this week. Thanks too for the lovely shout out!

    1. Thank you. I feel much better today (but at points I can feel the headache creeping back, but then I just stop doing what I am doing to make it go away). It’s funny how things affect everyone– like there’s some force in the universe that just says “rest!”. Having a FitBit challenge is another benefit of having one. Just sayin’ (in case you haven’t gotten yours yet). : )

      I look forward to seeing what your goals are this week.

      1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get one… I’ve just been zeroing in on WHICH one. I’m mostly decided on the FitBit Charge. You may see my goals include steps very soon!

      2. My husband thinks I should get the HR. I’m not sure how much I care about the HR data… We’ll see. I’ll let you know!

      3. I agree with him. The HR allows it to record your activity even when you’re not exercising. I didn’t think I’d care much either, but it’s nice that it records when my heart rate goes up and am exercising without exercising.

  2. There is a certain irony in that when we attempt to improve our health our health sometimes gets in the way… Hope you are feeling better and it’s inspiring you continued to push through. I would have used a sick day and babied myself. Dragging myself off to school when feeling poorly is miserable business. You are a trooper!

    1. It is very ironic! Feeling much better now, thank you. I would love to use a sick day to pamper myself, but there are just too many things happening at school to miss. I do have a litmus test: if I can’t make it through my morning shower, I stay home.

      1. Our admin secretary growls at those calls because she has to scramble for subs, but sometimes we don’t know until we stand up and give it a try. This time of year is wearisome, isn’t? It’s tempting to have my own senior skip day.

      2. Our admin secretary has to scramble for subs, too. Finding good subs is hard! We just started SBAC testing, so no ditch days for me for me.

      3. Fortunately I have all seniors this year, so no testing. There is only that pesky issue of their Senioritis–he need of getting them motivated to attend class and turn in assignments in order to pass and graduate. That is a test in itself.

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