The Author

Welcome to my fifth attempt to write about about me and my blog’s purpose.  I can write about the weird events that happen in my day, the random thoughts I have, and I could even hold a discourse of whether or not we really exist on the head of the pin.  Except, if you ask me to tell you about myself, I draw a blank.  When I’m at conferences and we go around the room to introduce ourselves, I mentally freak out.  What will I say?  Isn’t my name tag that says, “Hi! My Name Is Amy” enough?  Couldn’t we have a discussion about a book instead?

So here goes: I’m Amy.  I started a blog because a woman I admire at my book club kept mistakenly introducing me as the “one who has a blog.”  So, I might as well make this statement true.   I’m also known as the “quiet one”, and you know what they say about “quiet ones”– we’re the ones watching others for good material to put in our blogs.

Steve and I
Steve and I

To  counteract the quiet, I married Steve, a drummer with a loud, clear voice which really helps because I’m hard of hearing.  We are ruled by two cats, Toby and Molly, and we voluntarily do not have children (there’s a limit on the noise that I want in my life, and have you seen some of the kids’ toys out there?  Why would anyone give a two-year old a karaoke machine?).

Molly and Toby (closely guarding his blanket).

While Molly would like my life to revolve around her, instead it revolves around teaching.  Five years ago I left sales and followed my instincts to teaching high school English.  Life has never been the same since.  Working with kids is very rewarding (although there are a few who remind me that not having children is a Good Thing), and I’m lucky to work in a school with a supportive staff and administration. The rest of my time is spent reading, writing blogs and poetry, walking, traveling, getting together with my friends, and cooking.


Stewart (my traveling rubber duck) and I in front of Harry S. Truman's house in Independence, MO. Truman is my favorite president, and I finally made the pilgrimage to his house and library!
Almond and cinnamon stuffed apricots drizzled with lemon syrup for a book club meeting of Cleopatra. Apricots good, the book not so much.
My writing group's chapbook release party. The book was a wonderful collaboration among many talented people.
My and my friend Jessica's shadows as we walk amongst the sheep on England's beautiful Cotswold trail.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and I appreciate any comments or feedback.

62 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Hi, Amy, Thank you for your comments on my school story yesterday. I’m glad you enjoyed it! About my other blog, thanks for following. And I’m looking forward to reading more of your writings.

  2. Hi Amy! I relate to many of your comments. Spouse and i don’t have kids either, and neither of us teach, but we work hard and travel and yes, are ruled by our pets. It’s funny-your comment about people saying not having them is a “good thing” (we get that a lot), but the irony is everyone we know has them!! Hmmmm…I chuckle about that. Off to relax now bonbons…wear Chanel with hubby in his smoking jacket….NOT! (Isnt that what people think we do with all the supposed spare time? 🙂

    1. So true! A few years ago during a check-up with a doctor, she asked me if I planned to have kids. At that time I didn’t know, and I began to say “Not having kids is so…” and at the same time we both filled in the blank. I said liberating, and she said selfish. So we had an awkward moment there. I guess I’m selfish, so those bonbons are mine, all mine! Thank you for stopping by and sharing a bit about yourself! I like learning who is behind the blog. 🙂

  3. more awards for you sweetie–the Genuine Blogger and Sunshine Award! Finally figured out how to link!!

    1. Ha! Linking was challenging for me, too. Thank you so much for the awards! Congrats to you, too, because if you’re sending them my way, it means they’ve been sent yours. : )

  4. Nice knowing you. Keep up your writing. By so doing you’re opening the inner window of your your true self.

  5. School restarting Wow!
    The Kids have only just broken up for summer holidays here in the UK and Ireland, and won’t in many cases be returning properly till September 10

    1. You know, I spent a lot of time looking for the award that said, “Kick Ass Award”, because that would be, like, totally kick ass. But I guess I could settle on telling the world seven things about me ;). Now I have to think of the seven things I haven’t already told y’all– they may be in the “that’s for me to know and you to wonder about” file…. Ha! Badger me away with these awards! I won’t turn any away. Thank you!

      1. There should totally be a Kick Ass award!!! 🙂 You would deserve it my dear! 🙂 I had a hard time with the 7 things too. Lord knows I let too much spew out of my mouth as-is! 🙂 I’m looking forward to your 7 though. You can come up with something. If I admitted to liking playing with eye boogers, you must also have some dark secret to tell! 🙂

      2. Oh my God, that would be so funny! My rules: THERE ARE NO BLOODY RULES! You wanna tell me to stick my award up my butt? That’s okay. You wanna nominate 300 people? That’s okay too. I love that idea. 🙂

  6. Greetings Amy!!! I am a relatively new blogger and my friend Asifa told me about your blog. Though i am more into poetry your blog looks very interesting and very different from the others. The best part is, i get to revisit my school days courtesy your stories. I guess all the schools in thw world are the same. 🙂
    I had a wonderful English teacher who kept a very strict grading system and i guess that’s the reason i can write fairly decent sentences. So, i can’t thank her enough.
    You are right…teaching is a very rewarding profession.
    I am glad Asifa mentioned your blog…i will visit here to return to school nostalgia. 🙂

    1. Hi Suraiya,

      Thank you for taking Asifa up on her suggestion and checking out my blog! Asifa has been a wonderful friend to me. Thank you for the compliments. I do write a lot about school and my students, but I also write about whatever strikes me. I know a blog is supposed to have a “theme”, but I don’t think I could ever stick with one. I noticed the “Dr.” in front of your name… what kind of doctor are you? I look forward to reading your poetry!


      1. On the contrary, I have to thank Asifa for mentioning your blog. I think i am going to enjoy reading your posts very much.
        My blog didn’t have a theme either when i started blogging but i just made it up as i went along . I had no idea that a blog is supposed to have a theme until i checked out other blogs. 🙂 But i do keep changing the colors according to the tone of my poems.

        I am a medical doctor…In India we have a five and a half years course called M.B.B.S. (Bachelors of medicine and bachelors of surgery)….four and a half years of rigorous studying and one year of internship. Recently i was working as a resident in gastroenterology in Apollo hospital, New Delhi.
        However, i have taken a break now to prepare for further exams and persue higher degrees.
        Poetry is my passion and i write simple poems. So, i decided to share some of them with the world.
        It’s lovely meeting you. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

      2. You have a lot of dedication to both your learning and your poetry. I wish you the best of luck in your studies– you have a lot to offer your community! It’s lovely meeting you, too. I’m going to sign off, so I can read your work!

        (I liked this one better of the two… it has more detail.)

  7. Hey! I really enjoy your posts and have nominated you with the Versatile Blogger Award for your exceptional life stories, amazing adventures, interesting photos and not half bad recipe ideas. You may not recognise the name, but that’s cuz I follow your blog with another blog of mine where I go by an alternate identity. Think of that other page as Batman, which would make me – the Joker? No, that can’t be right…. Anyway, please follow this link: to be on your way to acquiring it. Enjoy your day! Cheers! 😀

    1. I think you might be Robin… (or are you the Joker’s naughty to Batman’s nice?) Thank you for the award and lovely write up. I appreciate your support from whatever blog you’re writing from. This made my day!

  8. Hi! I want to thank you for commenting again on my blog! I dont like to reply on the post because I dont want the readers to wade thru all my thank yous- just get good airport info from others. I’ll be strolling thru your site here. 🙂

  9. Hi Amy, what are you up to? Did you go on your Europe trip this year? Are you inundated with finishing school things? Inquiring minds want to know. :o) No pressure. Just when you have the time.

    1. Hi Jilanne!

      Thank you for checking up on me! I’ve been gorging myself on books. The impulse to write really hasn’t struck me. I’ve tried to write somethings, and nothing feels good. We leave for Europe in the middle of June– so the weather in Ireland and Scotland has time to at least edge up to the low 60s (I hope). School is going well. Next year I will teach AP Lit for the first time, so I’m super excited about that.

      How are you doing? When do you get out of school? Any plans for the summer? Going back to the Midwest?

      1. Busy with all the spring-heading-into-summer things.School ends May 31, then it’s all summer camps. We will be visiting family in the Midwest and Maine, but no international trips planned. Our son misses his tree house and cousins in Maine and Illinois. Should be very relaxing. Hope your travel goes well. Would love to hear about your adventures!

      2. That sounds like a great time! I’ll also be heading to the Midwest (Michigan) in July. I plan on blogging about my travels– I’ll include pictures!

  10. Amy, thanks so much for checking out my blog…so that I could come over here and discover you. I’m pretty new at this, only had the blog a few months. Reading your About page resonates with me a number of ways. I’m also a teacher. Also believe in allowing other people to do the child rearing. And absolutely go ballistic while waiting in groups to talk about myself. But there’s one thing: you are trying to have us believe you are not orbiting your cats. You’re either naive, or unaware of what’s real in the world, girl. Love your writing, and voice. Glad to meet up with you here in cyber land.

    1. You seem to have taken to blogging like a fish to water! It was a treat to come across a new voice with compelling stories– and similar interests! Thank you for your kind words about my writing. What do you teach?

      BTW– we clearly know our place on the pecking order in this kitty kingdom.

      1. Ha! Yeah, high school freshmen I would avoid also. I’m at a university in UAE, all girls, mostly. Have you read Don’t Know Much About History, by Kenneth Davis?

      2. I read it a looooonnnngg time ago. That’s interesting that you live in the UAE. Two of my high school acquaintances teach there, but I don’t know where exactly.

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