Being Silly

Shall I go Whitman?

Oh, I am ME.  I am everything that makes me me.

Every atom, every cell from the top of my cranium to my not so very far away toes is me,

Oh, I contain multides:

I am the wife who uses the toolbox for household complaints,

I am the human who feeds and sings to the cats to whom which I belong,

I am the teacher who teaches and laughs heartily when the students ask again for extra credit,

I am the hard of hearing and hard of seeing who bumbles through life wondering what just happened,

I am the one in the kitchen hoping that the recipe I have never made before and about to serve to guests turns out okay,

I am the reader who will nosily interrupt your reading to find out how you like the book, while wishing you would go away as I read mine.

Do I contradict myself?  Of course I contradict myself, especially when I cannot remember what I said before.


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