Molly: Your Consolation Post

It’s the week before finals.  I have essays to grade.  I have a classroom to clean up and make sense of.  I have seniors to push and sophomores to motivate.  I have so much to do that I have lost my to do list. Again.  Needless to say, I have bags under my eyes that I’d have to check-in on a plane rather than carry-on.  I tried writing a couple of posts.  Today I’m waving the white flag and will just give you pictures of Molly instead.  Enjoy. (I didn’t have a functional camera for awhile, so all of these were shot using the handy-dandy iPhone.)

Molly when we first brought her home. She was so cute and dainty that I could scoop her up with one hand. This was before I learned that she was the very, very hungry “cat”epillar.
As you can see, she had a really hard time making herself at home.
She says, “Put the phone camera thing down and scratch my belly!”
She always puts her best paws forward.
She loves Toby, but it’s doubtful that Toby feels the same about Molly.
What happened to “dainty”?
Sometimes Toby loves Molly.
Sometimes he doesn’t.

She holds “Mommy” down to the couch quite nicely.

She prefers to use the wall to get into “downward cat” position. Or at least I think that’s what she’d doing. I hope.
Molly asks, “Do you have a square to spare?”
Happiness, apparently, is a cardboard box.
We must find shelter from the mean and evil garbage truck!
Although she loves me, she loves “Daddy” more.
She says that you’ve read enough!